November 23, 2017

Howlies show in Atlanta

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Last year at Corndogorama, there was one band that stood out above all of the other new bands I saw … the Howlies. I remember texting my music guru friend, Shyam, and telling him to check them out. I said they were a combination of surf rock, The Ramones, Apache tribal chanting and The Beatles with a ton of energy and stage presence.

The Howlies Album Cover

The Howlies Album Cover

So I went to see them at 529 in East Atlanta on Saturday. How did I find out they were playing? I saw a black and white, 8 1/2″ x 11″ flyer posted on a phone pole in Cabbagetown by a stop sign. For all of the fancy ways there are to promote, the simplist still seem to be effective. What’s more, I had never been to 529 and had to Google it. It turns out that last week I had walked right by it and thought about going in to check it out. The Howlies have a pretty good online presence, but the broader challenge remains how to find out what is going on in Atlanta without having to remember to look up specific venues and bands. I guess until I figure that out I will continue to read phone poles. For a quick reference, here is how you can find out more about the Howlies:

The show was great and you can thank me thank me when you check them out. By the way, if you are in an Atlanta band and would be up for doing a Community Cultivator interview, let me know!

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