November 23, 2017

Tweetdeck Explained

In a previous post, I mentioned how Twitter can be used by organizations to reach your target audience. But Twitter itself is an unorganized mess. There are tools that integrate with Twitter, however, that make it much more manageable and one of them is Tweetdeck. Watch this quick overview to learn how to add sanity to the information overload.

The demo covers how to:

  • Group people you follow into categories that mean something to you (Friends, Business, Organizations, etc.)
  • Integrate Tweetdeck with Facebook
  • Define searches that will keep you informed about what people are saying about you in the “twittersphere”
  • Even translate tweets from foreign languages

Although it’s not in the presentation, it is also easy to add filters for Direct Messages and Mentions (of your twitter ID).

Let me know any tools you might be using to help manage the noise!

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  1. Eric Holder says:

    Marc, this is helpful tutorial. Well done! I will share it with our clients~

  2. Chris says:

    Very nice explanation! I like how you included yourself in the screencast. I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

    • Marcel Crudele says:

      Thanks! The cam embed seemed like a great way to make the post more personal, so I’m pretty happy about that. It’s kind of a hack using iChat, but it does the job ;)


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