November 23, 2017


What is Community Cultivator all about?

All organizations have the same pain – how do you connect with existing and potential patrons to get butts in seats? Patrons want to find the organizations that help fulfill their real-world interests and organizations want to reach and better serve their target audience… Community Cultivator explores this struggle and highlights successes between Organizations and their Patrons – hence

Organizations and Patrons… ya mean Businesses and Customers?


Businesses are only one type of organization – they are restaurants, clubs, retail stores, etc. – but real world communities consist of much more. PTA’s; bands; religious, volunteer and professional groups; hiking clubs; ultimate frisbee teams – these are important parts or people’s lives and have the same pains reaching their audience as businesses.

Consumers versus patrons can be a little more subtle. According to my handy Mac dictionary, the definitions are:

  • Consumer – a person that purchases goods or services for personal use
  • Patron – a person that gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause or activity

Consumers are focused on single purchases. While this might also be true for patrons, their relationship with an organization is more likely to be closer and more passionate – more long lasting and valuable. Think about your kid’s soccer team, your favorite restaurant or band, the professional groups you might be long to – do you consider yourself a consumer or patron? To an organization, a consumer represents an income event, a patron represents an ongoing relationship. It is these more substantial relationships that cultivate communities – helping organizations prosper and patrons pursue their real world interests.

To the relationship lexicon consisting of terms like B2B and B2C, I add O2P – Organization to Patron.

What will I cover?

Quite simply, I will publicize how organizations connect to and serve their patrons. What are national restaurant chains, local boutique clothing stores, bands, PTA’s and other organizations doing to reach their patrons and deliver value?

Who is my audience?

I hope that this will be a place for organizations to get ideas that will help them be more effective and successful at getting butts in seats by improving their patron reach and the quality of what each organization provides the community. Hopefully these ideas help build strong ties to patrons.

For individuals, I want to help them discover organizations that value and pursue these strong ties – those that people can be passionate about.

Why am I doing this?

I know how challenging it can be to run an organization and sharing all of this information will hopefully help others – and me – learn what works and what holes there are in reaching patrons. I also want to see if there is an opportunity to create a solution and/or company that can solve these issues.

Wrapping it up

I hope people enjoy the information presented here. It is intended to be informative, humorous, and brilliantly insightful, although it might take some time to accomplish all of that. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you have ideas I should write about. Let me know if you know a place with great Mac and Cheese!

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