December 13, 2017

Grind House Killer Burgers – Atlanta’s new Burger Joint

It seems like more and more people are entering Atlanta’s burger market with their own unique twist and Grind House Killer Burgers entered the fray as of yesterday morning. While Community Cultivator is not about restaurant reviews, my experience with this new business is certainly worth writing about.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Grind House – a Different “Go to Market” Approach

The go to market strategy is to literally “go to market”, in this case, Grind takes up the back wall of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. Here is the thing that most impresses me about this – the Curb Market is a downtown hodge podge of bodegas, meat counters, vegetable stands, and food vendors that serve up dishes in to-go Styrofoam boxes. It is the place you typically go for down and dirty soul and international food and can buy pigs feet to your heart’s content. In short, it is a great place. However, it is not the venue you would expect a well-branded, boutique burger joint to open in.

The Grind House order line

The Grind House order line

At Grind House, patrons line up at the cashier to order from a menu including Angus beef, turkey or veggie burgers; tasty add-ons like bacon and avocado; and crinkle fries or onion rings on the side. Then they sit at the counter and wait for their food to arrive. To keep them entertained, there is a movie projected on the wall – in my case, I believe it was “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.” Even though I was visiting within the first hour of operation, the food was great and the service was attentive. Good show!

My biggest point about Grind House’s location strategy is that I’m SO impressed that instead of opening in some strip of traditional commerce – like on Peachtree – or some curiously cool location tucked into an Atlanta neighborhood, they went into the heart of downtown and created a stand out location surrounded by vendors their clientele would not typically visit. I like these other types of locations, but what Grind did is awesome!

Burger and Chili cheese fries at Grind House

Burger and Chili cheese fries at Grind House

Reaching your Target Audience

There are a lot of things that are impressive about the new joint, but the way they reached their target market for opening day is the real reason they warrant a blog post on Community Cultivator. They did very little. In a 2-minute conversation I was able to have with the owner – Alex Brounstein- I asked him about how he promoted. He said he handed out a few flyers around the market, kept his friends informed about what he was working on and sent out an email yesterday morning (they also have a Facebook page and are on Twitter).

The interesting things is that I heard about the opening through unmanaged, viral marketing:

  • First, I found out about the opening a couple of days ago through master Facebooker, Michael Erickson. In one of his posts, he linked to an article on the new joint.
  • Then I got an email with a blog link from my friend Lindsey who knows Alex and did a blast to promote his new venture
  • With a quick search, I found even more information:


People want to find organizations that excite them. If you can do that, patrons can become a tremendous source of promotions – possibly outpacing your own efforts. It doesn’t sound like they spent much on promotions, but yesterday seemed like a good showing and I am looking forward to trying their turkey burger today!

Good luck Grind House!

Grind House Killer Burgers is in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market located at:

209 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303 (Map)
Mon-Sat 11AM – 4PM

Facebook Profile -

Twitter –

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