December 13, 2017

Domino’s Pizza Tracker

Domino’s Pizza let’s you not only order online, but track where your order is in the process using their Pizza Tracker. From order placement, prep, bake, box to delivery – patrons can watch as their creation comes to life and is delivered to their door.

Pizza tracker

Let’s face it, online ordering rocks! You get to leisurely peruse the organization’s offering and construct your order then, in the case of food, verify with everyone that you got everything. From the organization’s standpoint, it helps to insure that you don’t forget anything and maximizes their sales dollars. Plus, there it is less likely that your order will get messed up – all of these things score high on the CC: Scorecard for Enticement. Also, by getting your patron to enter the order, you reduce overhead which scores well on Simplifying. Finally, there are easy to track metrics on who is using the solution, how long it takes them to place the order, what pages they linger on, etc., which racks up points for measuring Success.

The pizza tracker adds even more value. It extends the Connection to patrons and improves their experience, giving them a reason to stay on Domino’s website for approximately 30 minutes (or maybe less) while improving their overall experience and – as weird as this is to say about a national chain – helps to form a more intimate bond with the organization.

In my case, I had not ordered from Domino’s in about 5 years, but the commercials advertising their new sandwiches and finally their pasta bowls was too much. I had to give them another shot. After configuring my order, the Pizza Tracker popped up and I was informed that Christopher was personally overseeing my dining enjoyment. The tracker updates automatically without refreshing the screen and I watched Christoper’s progress for about 15 minutes until I was informed that Michael was bringing my meal to me. When the knock came at my door, I opened it and immediately asked, “What’s your name?” The surprised delivery person replied, “Uhhhh, Michael.” Wow.

“Michael, who prepared my order?”

“Ummmm, I think it was Christopher.”

Cool. A confirmation that Domino’s deserve some more Enticement and Connection points. Hell, throw in some Leverage points too because I told about half a dozen people about it.

Now there is some discussion about whether the tracker is legit (link 1 and 2). For all I know, Domino’s determined the average time each step takes and the tracker automatically updates at set increments. It does get employee names right, so there is some kind of interaction. If it isn’t valid, they are at least persistent with the sham, even offering an iPhone app.

What I am interested in is how it really works.  Ideally, when an order comes in, it would generate a tracking number and as the employee goes from stage to stage, they would toggle the status – old school would be a bar code tracker that gets scanned as the food moves along, new school would be a touch screen task list that employees use for each stage. This information would be phenomenal for Success and allow for Domino’s to track employee performance and process speed.

Any Domino’s employees on the prep line want to shed some light on this?